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On November 2nd, 2021,
I am asking for your vote for Kim McCarthy for Sugarcreek Township Trustee

Early Voting Begins October 5th
Visit the Greene County Board of Elections website for all election information.
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Why I'm Running

My reason for running is simple: I believe I have the vision and the experience to help our Township become a more open and accountable government that works in the best interest of its residents.

As your trustee, I will work to keep Sugarcreek pointed towards being a strong, welcoming community - a great place to raise a family with good housing and walkable neighborhoods; great access to shopping and community parks; and rich in experiences such as dining, the arts, sports, and exploring the outdoors. With the talent, creativity, and vision of our residents, we can work together to maximize Sugarcreek's potential while maintaining its natural beauty.

About Me

My name is Kim McCarthy, and Sugarcreek Township is my home. I am the mother of 3, a long-time community volunteer and an accountant with more than 30 years of entrepreneurial experience. I am a strong advocate for collaborative and community-focused local government. I believe our democratic society works best when government engages its citizens in the governing process. I am a proven community builder, and because I love living here in Sugarcreek, I want to give back where I can, right here at home where it counts most.

For the past 20 years, I have lived here in Sugarcreek Twp, after immigrating to this country from Australia in 1996. I have raised my children here, and appreciate both the rural and suburban nature of our community.

I hold a Bachelor of Business with a Major in Accounting and graduated in 1989 from Queensland University Technical in Australia. I went on to become a Chartered Accountant (equivalent of CPA here) in 1992. My professional experience over the past 30+ years as an accountant has been varied, both in public accounting and in private industry. Twenty of those years were spent as an entrepreneur, primarily in manufacturing. Currently, I am the Accounting Manager of an IT Company in Dayton. It is a position I thoroughly enjoy and appreciate.

Because of my desire to be a civically-engaged citizen, I have spent many years working to be involved in local government decisions here in Greene County. I attend meetings, follow issues, and then help educate people on what is happening in their back yard. I know what good governance looks like, because I've spent years asking for it. I listen to people and hear what they need, and then help them find others to work with. I have spent years analyzing financial statements and budgets so that I can keep residents informed on the goings on in their community, as well as hold elected officials accountable for their decisions. These experiences will serve the residents of Sugarcreek Township well. I have already spent many hours examining the financial reports and audits of the township, so that I am able to hit the ground running once elected.

I am a huge lover of the outdoors and nature in general, and in my personal life I aim to minimize my ecological impact wherever I can on this planet we call home. In my non-working hours, I love to garden or to go walking on the many wonderful trails we have here in Sugarcreek. A flock of chickens and ducks keeps me on my toes, along with Flipper the cat, and Boomer the dog and of course the kids - it's messy but it's what I call home!

Township Survey

I welcome all residents to complete this anonymous survey so that I may gain a better understanding of your thoughts and concerns!

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Keeping track of our money
Trustees must be good stewards of our tax dollars. But state audits reveal a decades-long problem of errors in our township's financial reports. Trustees need accurate and timely statements to make good decisions. The last state audit published in 2019 found more than $1.3 million in basic mistakes. As a professional accountant, I will make sure this improves immediately.

Watching our tax burden
Recent battles over levels of local taxation have divided our community. I will monitor our rate of taxation and cash reserves to make sure they are at appropriate levels. If they are excessive, I will ensure they are invested into the community or returned to taxpayers.

Approving smart development
Planning new development is a trade-off. We must work to find the right balance between our need to expand and our desire to maintain the Sugarcreek quality of life. I will reach out to our residents and vote for smart development that serves the needs of our community. I support connecting bike paths and promoting development throughout our township that makes us more bike and walker friendly! Also, we must work to ensure that all of our residents have access to broadband internet.

Building our community
I will work to build trust in our local government and in each other. I want to increase opportunities for citizens to be involved in township decisions. I will search for additional communication channels to make it easier for everyone to understand our business and finances. I support the recording of all public meetings for viewing by residents at a later time.

My Values as a Mother, Friend, and Candidate: Nowhere is government more important than at the local level - and while you have to be elected, there's no value in playing politics with issues of local importance. When working with colleagues, residents, and other community supporters, I will make sure to check my ego at the door, listen to every voice in the room, work for agreement around outcomes, and strive for consensus. I believe that democracy works best when you intentionally make room for other's solutions and never forget: they love Sugarcreek, too.

Contact Me

Help get the word out about my campaign! - You can help support this effort by hosting a neighborhood gathering to introduce me to your neighbors, making calls to voters, putting a sign in your yard, and/or knocking on doors and dropping off literature. If you have a skill you think we can use, just reach out to us and let us know! We welcome interns wishing to gain campaign experience, as well.

Email me at Kim@­KimMcCarthy­OH.com if you are interested in helping out with the campaign!

Order a Yard Sign


Your donations are invaluable to my obtaining the materials (such as mailers, yard signs, postcards, etc) necessary to run a strong, people-centric campaign! Thank you for your support!


Your donations are invaluable to my obtaining the materials (such as mailers, yard signs, postcards, etc) necessary to run a strong, people-centric campaign! Thank you for your support!