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Why I'm Running

I am running to become the next Ohio State Representative for District 73 because our state is falling behind the rest of the country under the one-party rule that controls our Statehouse. Corporate influence over our legislators has made for economic policies that serve to maximize profits for a few insiders, while leaving people struggling to keep up with ever-rising costs. I am determined to provide our citizens an example of what a true representative of the people looks like. My years of civic activism and community organizing have shown me how badly we need to return our governance and our democracy to its rightful owners, the people of Ohio.

My main policy efforts are focused on ensuring universal healthcare for all; fully funding our public education institutions (both k-12 and public college); and transitioning over to renewable energy. My focus is on identifying the real issues we all face on a daily basis, and offering up real solutions to address them. 

Kim McCarthy is running for State Representative in District 73 again in 2020 after leading the most successful challenger campaign for this district in decades in 2018. Her campaign knocked on over 15,000 doors and reached out into the community in order to understand exactly what challenges people are experiencing. And she hasn’t stopped since! Her experience as a small business owner, a community organizer and activist, accountant, immigrant, and proud mother, combine to offer people a true alternative to the career politician we see in our governance all too often. She promotes pragmatic, proven economic policies that help address income inequality and serve to make people’s lives better. She accepts no corporate PAC donations, and is running to put people first in our Statehouse!

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