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Join the people with Kim McCarthy who are dedicated to electing a candidate to the Statehouse who will represent the values and concerns of ordinary citizens, not career politicians who are beholden to private corporate interests at the expense of us.



The internet should be treated as a public utility, just like access to power and telephone.


I support a Medicare For All program that provides healthcare for all citizens.


Our elections should not be auctions, and public financing of campaigns for public office should be part of a comprehensive overhaul of our campaign financing system.


I support a strong and well-funded public education system. We cannot continually take money away from our schools and expect to have a well-educated and productive society.


I support a livable wage for all workers. We are currently experiencing the largest wealth gap between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots’ in American history. This is untenable.

October 16, 2018

New Report on the Benefits of Single Payer Health Care in Ohio

I’m looking very much forward to the upcoming release of the new report from SPAN Ohio (Single Payer Action Network Ohio) featuring an “Economic Analysis of Single Payer Health Care in Ohio: Context, Savings, Costs, Financing.” Based on a comprehensive new paper from Gerald Friedman, professor of economics at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst,…

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October 11, 2018

The People With Kim McCarthy Address The Greene County Tea Party

Kim McCarthy was invited to participate and address the Greene County Tea Party at their annual Candidate’s Forum in Xenia. Due to scheduling conflicts Kim was not able to attend in person. Representing Kim in her absence were The People With Kim McCarthy’s campaign aids Andy Valeri and Ed Lacy. We would like to thank…

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October 9, 2018

Kim McCarthy Proposes Expanding Public Access To Legislator Voting Records

Kim McCarthy, in conjunction with her participation in the League of Women Voters candidates panel on Tuesday, October 9 in Beavercreek, has announced her commitment to working for more accountability in our state governance, blasting the Republican House Leadership for “hiding legislators’ voting records.” “One of the reasons I am running is I’m tired of…

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October 8, 2018

Kim McCarthy Endorses Ohio's County Commissioners Plan

Kim McCarthy announced her support for Ohio’s county governments today by delivering a letter to the Greene County Commissioners endorsing the County Commissioners Association of Ohio (CCAO) policy statement, “Stronger Counties. Stronger Partnership. Stronger Ohio.” According to McCarthy and the CCAO, the enormous and continuing cutbacks to county funding by the state have had a…

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September 25, 2018

Wright State AAUP Endorses Kim McCarthy For The Ohio House

We’re pleased to announce that the American Association of University Professors-Wright State University Political Action Committee (AAUP-WSU PAC) and its allied SmartALEC(k)PAC have endorsed Kim McCarthy for Ohio State Representative from the seventy-third district. Both organizations rely entirely on voluntary contributions and were created to support candidates who support public higher education and collective bargaining…

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