Wright State AAUP Endorses Kim McCarthy For The Ohio House

We’re pleased to announce that the American Association of University Professors-Wright State University Political Action Committee (AAUP-WSU PAC) and its allied SmartALEC(k)PAC have endorsed Kim McCarthy for Ohio State Representative from the seventy-third district. Both organizations rely entirely on voluntary contributions and were created to support candidates who support public higher education and collective bargaining rights.

Their decisions to endorse Kim were made after a thorough review of her positions, and in acknowledgment of her support for restoring proper state funding to Ohio’s valuable public colleges and universities, and for focusing Ohio’s public education funding on academic instruction, rather than bloated administrative costs and other non-academic initiatives and enterprises.

Ohio’s universities are drivers of our state’s economy, as well as its technical and cultural enrichment. The recent trend of managing public higher education as if it were a private business ignores the inherent value of education to the well being of our state, and degrades the functional health of these institutions. States that do not value higher education are impoverished by the lack of it. Kim McCarthy believes that Ohio should be a leader in a spectrum of innovation, invention, and creativity, which is one reason that she welcomes this endorsement.

“Wright State University is a flagship educational institution in the seventy-third district,” said McCarthy, “and my opponent has neglected it while focusing his attention on Wright Patterson Air Force Base, which is a federal institution not accountable to the state legislature.”

“Although he is a member of the Higher Education committee in the State house, he really has been AWOL on the urgent issues at Wright State,” she said, “He’s put forth no meaningful leadership or input. Wright Patterson is an essentially important economic factor in our district, but it is a federal institution, and outside Mr. Perales’s purview.”

“He should have been working on problems that Ohio’s public colleges and universities need to have addressed. Our district’s and our state’s future prospects depend on Wright State’s success. I intend to advocate for public education in the state house, which is why I am honored to have this endorsement.”

Dr. Martin Kich, who coordinates the AAUP-WSU and SmartALEC(k) PACs, states, “There is an indisputable connection between the steep decline in state subsidy to public colleges and universities and the dramatic increase in student loan debt. It is time to support candidates, like Kim McCarthy, who are willing to address this issue head-on. Our public colleges and universities are major economic drivers and exist for the public good. They are being undermined by corporatization, privatization, and all sorts of supposed alternatives to adequate state support that are not working as intended and do not serve the public interest.”

For more on the AAUP-WSU, visit their website and their Facebook page

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