The People With Kim McCarthy Address The Greene County Tea Party

Kim McCarthy was invited to participate and address the Greene County Tea Party at their annual Candidate’s Forum in Xenia. Due to scheduling conflicts Kim was not able to attend in person. Representing Kim in her absence were The People With Kim McCarthy’s campaign aides Andy Valeri and Ed Lacy.

We would like to thank Greene County Tea Party organizer Carolyn Uecker for organizing the event, and president Denny Crouch, with whom Andy & Ed had some fruitful and inspiring conversation with, demonstrating that when going beyond the partisan noise and rancor, there were a number of shared principles between the aims and goals of Kim’s effort with those of the GCTP. It also showed that opportunities to breach the politically manipulated divide between people, especially our neighbors here in Greene County, can and should be taken advantage of when possible. But this cannot happen without honest and frank, but respectful, discussion about the problems and issues we face, and how best to solve them.

The following is a transcript of campaign policy and communication manager Andy Valeri’s address to the Greene County Tea Party on behalf of Kim and her campaign….

My name is Andy Valeri, and I’m here on behalf of Kim McCarthy, candidate for the Ohio House of Representatives for the 73rd District, and her campaign to put People First in our politics. Kim apologizes for not being able to make it in person, and thanks the organizers for providing this opportunity for citizens to be more directly connected to their representatives, and engage more fully in our electoral process.

Kim’s campaign is dedicated to the these same principles and values of civic participation, and of local accountability in our politics. It’s why she is running to be the representative for the people of western Greene County. She’s tired of seeing the needs of our local communities go unaddressed, if not outright ignored, by our state government. Years of continual disinvestment has hurt our schools, our infrastructure and our community services, and we have to turn that around. It’s why Kim is stepping up now, because we need good people in office who actually want to serve their communities and make them stronger.

Just as a quick background, Kim is a professional accountant, who is a long time small business owner and entrepreneur here in the region. She is the mother of three school aged children, and has been a resident of Greene County for nearly a quarter century since moving here from Australia. And she is a proud American citizen by choice.

Kim has long been socially and politically active in her community. She is a leader in bringing people together to address and solve common problems. She has spent countless hours engaged with the goings ons of local government, talking with school administrators, military families, veterans, police chiefs, teachers and educators, local government officials, small business owners, and literally thousands of people at their doors, learning directly about their needs and concerns, and how the state is failing to properly address those needs.

Limited time here prevents me from offering more detail right now about Kim’s ideas and vision, but let it be said that we find it rewarding to be able to address an event sponsored by the the Tea Party; an organization that is named after a rebellion by local business owners against concentrated, unaccountable corporate power in bed with an unaccountable state. For the American Revolution was, if anything, a rebellion against the idea of government as a tool to confer privilege on insiders.

This campaign represents that same spirit and purpose. It is why Kim takes NO corporate PAC money or special interest money. This allows her to honestly and openly challenge the culture of corruption that infests our government today, and to serve the interests and well being of ALL of her constituents. She is not beholden to those who want to use their money to override the needs of our communities, or to make those needs subservient to the desires or orders of any political party leadership. She is not doing this for personal career advancement. She is doing this because she cares, and because people are hurting, because this work needs to be done, because these needs have to be addressed – and she’s taking the point in doing just that.

For that I hope you will support Kim McCarthy and her effort to have REAL representation that finally puts WE THE PEOPLE FIRST.

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The People With Kim McCarthy