The Corrupt HB6 and It’s Dirty Cost To Our Politics, Our Pocketbooks and Our Environment

“A shocking betrayal of Ohioans…With millions in cash, Householder funded shameful negative ads against candidates he opposed and helped elect representatives he needed to become speaker and push the bill.”
– Akron Beacon Journal Editorial Board

Ohio House Bill 6, a massive consumer bailout of failed nuclear and coal power plants, and a bill which simultaneously undermines investment into clean and renewable energy technologies, was the legislative product of the largest criminal conspiracy in Ohio history.

And now our one-party ruled Ohio House has refused to overturn this law, one passed through a campaign of bribery and fraud, which will now go into effect due to the continued support it receives from the Ohio GOP in spite of its toxic lineage, costing Ohio consumers well over $1 BILLION dollars in corporate welfare handouts.

By not repealing this bill, we’re sending the message that corruption is okay and that it pays in Ohio.

And as Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost, a Republican, noted….
“Corrupt activity should not result in a monetary advantage for the people who acted corruptly.”

I couldn’t agree more. And it shouldn’t result in a political advantage for a candidate whose campaign is financed by the money acquired through those corrupt actions.

If you send me to Columbus I’ll definitely be working to repeal this corrupt legislation, one that serves to pollute both our environment and our politics.

My opponent, whose campaign is financially enabled by the dirty money behind this dirty bill, won’t, and has admitted as much. Is it because his single largest donor in the recent campaign financing cycle will directly benefit from keeping it in place? He even stated that he would keep HB6, which undermines further investments in clean energy, because he says he wants to support clean energy. Huh?? He also supports it because he claims it lowers people’s utility bills. Again…Huh?

As this excellent overview of HB6 and the costs it is inflicting on us points out….

Hardworking Ohioans will see their monthly utility bill increase an additional $7.01,” on average, said Miranda Leppla, vice president of energy policy for the Ohio Environmental Council. Other projected costs include health burdens from pollution, lost jobs, and lost economic opportunities.

But as American author Uptown Sinclair once noted…

“It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.”

And it’s difficult to get a candidate to understand policy, when financial support for his campaign is dependent upon him not understanding it.

After all, it’s the likes of Brian Lampton whom Federal prosecutors were referring to here…

Federal prosecutors have charged Householder and others with an alleged conspiracy involving the unlawful solicitation and use of funds for the election of sympathetic lawmakers

There’s much more on this issue in this report on how the Costs of Ohio’s Nuclear Bailout Go Beyond Potential Harm To Public Trust:

Approximately $1 billion in ratepayer charges would subsidize the Davis-Besse and Perry nuclear plants in Ohio.

Bill riders can subsidize up to $450 million for electricity from one 1950s-era coal plant in Ohio and another in Indiana.

House Bill 6 authorizes charges of up to $1.50 per month through 2030 for utilities to pay for electricity from two Ohio Valley Electric Corporation coal plants. Customer charges for the OVEC plants could come to about $450 million……

“From the standpoint of businesses and households affected by this, they could end up getting charged for energy efficiency and not receiving it,” said Noah Dormady, an energy and economic policy analyst at The Ohio State University. “In other words, they could be paying for efficiency but not receiving any of the benefits.”……

HB 6 removed any additional energy efficiency requirements after 2020……

Using just the $7.71 savings figure, the Ohio Environmental Council estimates that the average residential customer’s net spending for electricity will be $7.01 more per month with HB 6 than without it.

The law also discourages investments from other companies that want renewable energy as part of their business goals, repeal backers add……

“If Ohio’s renewable energy and efficiency standards aren’t reinstated, Ohioans will experience dirtier air, and we won’t receive the projected health benefits that these standards provide — prevention of over 44,000 asthma attacks, 4,400 heart attacks, over 2,800 premature deaths and more — all attributable to coal-plant pollution.”

HB6 is corrupt and costly, and is just bad legislation all around.

Maybe Lampton wouldn’t “have to study the issue first” if he just talked to his fellow Republican Rep. Laura Lanese;
“Those of us who are free-market conservatives are against the bill. Those of us who care about consumers and predatory pricing are against the bill. And it’s why those of us who want more renewable energy, not less, are against the bill.”

He still needs to study one of the most infamous and impactful pieces of legislation that has passed through the Ohio Statehouse in decades, the money from which and support from the conspirators involved are what have made his whole campaign possible, and funded all of the lying smear attacks against his primary opponent and now me.

Greene County and Ohio need better, more honest and accountable representation than this.  We need to send to Columbus someone who will work for the people of Greene County, not the corrupt dark money interests that buy our politics and politicians to serve them, not US.

Read much more from my campaign about this corrupt legislation and my opponent’s financial and operational connections to it….

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And this is what Brian Lampton and his dark money friends did to another Republican candidate who ran against him in the primary, and who was not willing to become a member of “Team Householder”….
Ex-legislative candidate files $1 million civil lawsuit against Larry Householder, FirstEnergy

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