Should We Be Encouraging Sprawl In Greene County?

I live in Sugarcreek Township. Our tagline is “An Open Space Community.”

Until it isn’t.

In a recent conversation with the township administrator, I said to him, if I closed my eyes for 20 years, what would I see here when I opened them again.  He said I’d see complete development. No more of those lovely “open spaces.”  Progress is progress, he thinks. Nothing they can do to stop it.

Well, I take issue with that statement.  When Ohio has a flat lining population growth rate, and 10% of its houses empty, we need to ensure we protect our open spaces, and not let sprawl choke our cities and towns into terminal decline (more than it already has).  I don’t know about you, but I like my open spaces.  It’s why I moved here.  I want local leadership that protects our lifestyle, and frankly, more importantly, the environment.

I also want leadership in the Statehouse that does not only discourage sprawl, but works to contain it.  What do we have though?  The exact opposite.  Let me introduce you to House Bill 371.

As if our property taxes aren’t already high enough because of the reduction in local government funds, now they want to give away our taxes (that primarily finance our schools) to rich developers, who show no consideration or respect to the communities that they make their money from.  (‘Let’s put a road through the metropark so we can make even more money.. they’ll never notice!’).  And considering my opponent is “sponsored” by one of the region’s biggest developers, I can probably make an educated guess on where he sits on this bill.

House Bill 371 was discussed at the beginning of July at the Greene County Commissioners meeting, and the county is against this bill, and are going to write the county’s statehouse representatives Perales, Dean and Hackett to express their opposition to it.

This issue serves to bring to light once again the need for real campaign finance reform, so we can be better served by representatives who will make decisions based on the needs of all of Ohio’s citizens, and not just a handful of campaign donors.

We need more fairness in our state governance. We need to end this kind of corporate welfare. Enough.  A vote for me is a vote for smart development and for making people pay their fair share! #PeopleFirst!

Read the letter of concern from the Greater Ohio Policy Center here…
GOPC joins others in raising concerns with House Bill 371

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