Will McCarthy’s Opponent Divest Himself of ALL The Corrupted Money Fueling His Campaign?

Literally THE main reason I am running for office, and why I do all the work I do in my community, is because I can see the influence that corporate entities have over our legislative bodies. We will NEVER be able to effectively address the problems we face if we don’t have people in office who are prepared to stand up against their undemocratic influence.

Want school funding fixed? Want better health care? Want the climate crisis addressed?

It’s not going to happen while companies like FirstEnergy are able to buy our elected officials. I am running to offer an alternative to this sort of politician.

It appears my opponent was being groomed by Larry Householder to help him retain his power in the Statehouse, as evidenced by his financial support of his campaign in multiple ways.

When asked for a comment, Lampton told the Xenia Gazette that he would donate the $13,292.35 he received from Larry Householder (the maximum contribution allowable) to charity. That’s wonderful to hear. But he has to donate *all* of it. This includes the $1,000 he received directly from the corporation at the center of this whole bribery scandal in the first place – FirstEnergy.

Why hasn’t he posted his statement on his website or Facebook page? Why isn’t he answering the questions he is being asked by voters?

My opponent shares practically nothing via his websites; no platform stances, no policy ideas, no commentary on current events, almost nothing really. On his Facebook page he’s made maybe half a dozen or so posts all year, and they’re usually of the ‘happy holidays’ variety.

Except for this one, his most recent posting, expressing his gratitude at being honored to receive the endorsement of the IUOE, the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 18.

Perhaps that honor was enhanced by the $13,000 in cash he received from the political arms of this organization, an organization which has also been busy since 2018 funneling a whopping $440,000 to Generation Now, the PAC which was behind the corrupt HB6 propaganda campaign, and which has been directly targeted in the recent federal criminal indictments against Ohio’s GOP leadership and their racketeering and bribery scandal. This money is dirty as well and must be donated to charity.

Generation Now was run by criminally indicted Ohio House Speaker Larry Householder’s long time political strategist Jeff Longstreth (himself now under criminal indictment as well), and was the bankrolling source for another of their dark money front groups, the Growth & Opportunity PAC, which lavished $1 MILLION dollars this past election cycle running political hit piece advertising on behalf of Larry Householder-backed candidates in their races against primary opponents. Mr. Lampton was one of five of the Householder-backed candidates receiving support from the Growth & Opportunity PAC (support made possible in part by that $440K from the IUOE), which used part of that million dollars to wage a deceptively dirty and brazenly untruthful campaign against Mr. Lampton’s opponent during the primary. (“Householder-Backed Candidates Eek Out Wins In GOP Primary Races”)

On top of this, Jeff Longstreth is also the owner of Constant Content Co. the media company that Mr. Lampton spent $55,000 of his campaign money, (BY FAR the largest expense of his entire campaign) to produce his media blitz during the primary campaign.

It’s like an (almost) legalized form of money laundering.

We need to send a clear message to corporate owners that Ohio politicians are NOT for sale. We are paying for their corruption monthly through higher utility bills. We must demand better. I am the only obvious choice for that “better.”


Open Secrets Reports on Operating Engineers Local 18 Political Expenditures

“Millions Were Spent To Overturn Ohio’s Nuclear Bailout Law and Keep it. We’ll Never Know Who Paid.”

“Starting Jan. 1, 2021, Ohioans will have a new fee on their electric bills to pay for nuclear energy, coal plants and some solar projects. Meanwhile, subsidies for renewable energy and energy efficiency will fade…..

“The first group, Generation Now, hired blockers to stall signature collectors.

“Generation Now is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit. Because of the way the group was organized, it can receive unlimited contributions and doesn’t need to disclose them. Political activity is supposed to be limited, but the IRS has done little to enforce that, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

“Here’s what we do know: Generation Now’s principal office is the Columbus address of longtime Speaker Larry Householder adviser, Jeff Longstreth, according to records filed with the Ohio Secretary of State. Householder was a key proponent of the nuclear plant subsidies.

“Before the House Bill 6 fight, Generation Now contributed $1 million to pro-Householder Growth & Opportunity PAC. Both groups are registered to Eric Lycan, a Kentucky Republican political consultant.”

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