New Report on the Benefits of Single Payer Health Care in Ohio

I’m looking very much forward to the upcoming release of the new report from SPAN Ohio (Single Payer Action Network Ohio) featuring an “Economic Analysis of Single Payer Health Care in Ohio: Context, Savings, Costs, Financing.” Based on a comprehensive new paper from Gerald Friedman, professor of economics at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, the report will detail the savings both in lives and finances that single payer healthcare will provide Ohio.

An Ohio Healthcare Plan will:

— Save $25 billion per year in overall healthcare spending for Ohio.

— 95% of Ohioans will see a significant increase in disposable income. Most individuals will save an average of $2300 in 2019. The largest savings will go to working families and middle-income households.

— Eliminate Medicare Part B premiums for Medicare recipients and end copays for drug coverage and office visits.

— Eliminate current wasteful bureaucratic administration costs of $20.6 billion that will be used to expand healthcare to all Ohioans.

— Provide health care to all Ohio employees, giving small businesses, previously unable to provide such benefits, access to the same employee pool of qualified workers that large businesses enjoy.

As I’ve long argued, implementing this kind of single payer health insurance system would be a huge boon to business throughout the state. Businesses that have been providing health care benefits will enjoy a savings in real dollars that can be reinvested in salaries, research, expansion, or jobs, making Ohio more business friendly to corporations from other states or countries. The report will also note another point I have repeatedly made, that such a system will better allow freedom of movement of Ohio workers so they can start a business or change jobs without fear of losing health insurance, encouraging more entrepreneurship and competition for quality workers (and increase the quality of those workers).

The report will show that “The question then is not whether Ohio can afford single payer because a single-payer plan is cheaper than continuing with the status quo. Rather the question is whether the people of Ohio can continue to pay for an inefficient and wasteful health care system that often fails to care for them.”

Yet right now in Ohio and America, we continue to sadly and needlessly live through story after story like this one relayed here in this New York Times article on being “Held Hostage By Health Insurance”

“Health insurance rules my life. It decides my jobs, my aspirations, my retirement plans and, potentially, my citizenship.”

I know we can certainly afford one that is more effective and less wasteful with our money, and that when I get to the Statehouse, one of my priorities will be supporting the effort to make Ohio a leader in providing the kind of healthcare coverage Ohioans desperately need, and that our economy can not only afford, but would thrive in.

Learn more about my perspectives on this preeminently important issue of having healthcare for all Ohioans (an issue my opponent seems to have little to nothing to say about).

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