Kim McCarthy Defends Workers, Denounces Brian Lampton’s Dirty Money

My opponent Brian Lampton is failing again to answer to voters about the tens of thousands of dollars he received from a group of political conspirators, some of whom who have now been arrested and charged with running the largest political bribery scheme in Ohio history. This criminal conspiracy financed the campaigns of state legislature candidates, so they would help pass and then prevent the repeal of HB6, a $1.3 billion dollar fraud about to be perpetrated against every Ohio utility bill payer.

In a recently published candidates profile piece published by The Dayton Daily News, Mr. Lampton referred to as “outrageous” my factual notation regarding his campaign having received $13,000 in direct backing from the Cleveland-based engineers group IUOE Local 18. This organization happened to also gave copiously to other Larry Householder-aligned, pro-HB6 candidates, in addition to providing hundreds of thousands of dollars directly to the dark money operation run by the now criminally-indicted Householder co-conspirator Jeff Longstreth, who then invested tens of thousands of dollars into directly supporting Mr. Lampton’s primary election through paying for a political smear campaign against Lampton’s opponent, fellow Republican John Broughton. This dark money-funded campaign was designed and distributed by the media company Constant Content, Inc., owned and operated by the same Jeff Longstreth, and which was named directly in the recent federal criminal complaint. Longstreth’s company also produced Brian Lampton’s own campaign promotional mailers, which Lampton paid over $55,000 for, in part out of the money the IUOE gave to him.

What’s really “outrageous” is not that I pointed out these facts regarding the money trail of dirty finances, but that Mr. Lampton says he wants to represent the people of our district but won’t be honest with them about his campaign’s money connections to the largest criminal conspiracy in Ohio history. Those who were arrested and charged in this federal criminal investigation were clearly behind funneling large amounts of money to his campaign to ensure his victory in this election. Why? Residents of Greene County have a right to know why he was given that money. The FBI indictment showed how these donations were used to build “Team Householder,” a group of House members who would be beholden to Larry Householder and his agenda. Mr. Lampton’s blithe ignorance about his money links to this corruption proves his unsuitability for the job. He needs to explain to voters of District 73 why he should be trusted to go to Columbus to represent their interests, and not the interests of the big money players that think they can buy our politics for their personal profit. Few people today fail to understand how money buys policy in our lawmaking, and why these monied interests invest as much as they do into the process.

Are we really expected to believe that they were funneling all of this money to Mr. Lampton without his having any personal interaction with them beforehand? Or that he was so incredulous as to not understand their reasons for providing that support? I’ve been involved with running businesses for decades, so I find it simply inconceivable that they would be arranging the provision of this much money without a clear idea what kind of ROI they were expecting to see delivered. I kind of doubt the Householder money team were investing so much in having Brian Lampton fill this seat in our Statehouse because they were really concerned about taking care of the needs of the people of Greene County. I don’t think they were paying him to go to Columbus to fix our broken school funding system in order to bring relief to the overburdened property owners of our district.

This is why I categorically refuse these kinds of donations, because I know they come with a price tag, as they would severely limit my ability to honestly represent the people of my district in our Statehouse, who in the end are the ones who actually pay the costs.

Hiding the reasons for his campaign’s many links to the largest bribery scandal in Ohio history is bad enough, but doing it by pretending indignation for the IUOE trade union, by accusing me of disrespecting “workers and their families” takes gall coming from someone whose party has been ruthlessly dismantling the rights of Ohio workers for a generation. It’s obvious who in this race is really on the side of Ohio workers and their families, and it’s not Mr. Lampton. It’s why I’ve been endorsed by the workers of the Ohio AFL-CIO’s AFSCME and OAPSE unions, the United Auto Workers, the Communication Workers of America, the Ohio Education Association and others.

And now Lampton says he won’t commit to the straight repeal of HB6, claiming he still needs to study it. Really? He still doesn’t know about what is one of most publicly known and controversial pieces of legislation passed in years? He’s obviously familiar enough with the corrupt money behind it, since it was used to fuel his primary election campaign.

Ohio has had enough of corrupt one-party rule, where politicians use government and our hard-earned tax dollars as their personal piggybank for themselves and their donors. The people of my district can fully trust that if they send me to Columbus to represent them, I’ll be working for them, because I’ll be there because of them, not because I’ve been backed by a criminal cartel. On the other hand, we don’t have to guess who Brian Lampton will be working for and what he will do if he goes to Columbus. He’s already done it.

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