Kim McCarthy Comments on the GOP’s Adoption of Her Military Spouse Support Proposal

Kim McCarthy, candidate for Ohio state representative, has expressed her support for her opponent’s announcement of his plan to put forward Ohio House Bil 716, addressing military families’ concerns regarding employment opportunities and hurdles for spouses when relocating to Ohio for duty. The plan aligns directly with her long standing advocacy for military spouses.

“I am relieved that Rick Perales and his fellow Republicans have finally begun to promote support for military spouses, an idea I publicly proposed in April after I met with some of them last winter, and heard about state obstacles to employment and other challenges they face every day.”

(See: Ohio House candidate meets with potential constituents – Fairborn Daily Herald and Helping Our Military Spouses Help Teach Our Children )

“Perhaps our Republican officials have begun to look at the big picture. The constituents I have met with have been asking for relief for a long time. It was disheartening to find that our current representatives did not seem to be paying attention to what their own constituents in Greene County needed, and only publicly responded after Pentagon officials in Washington D.C. requested that they address it. It looks like my efforts are having an effect even though I’m not in the Statehouse yet. I am happy that my campaign has helped bring veterans, active duty military, and their families into the spotlight in a way that is useful to them and to our communities in which they live. It is long past time,” said McCarthy, lamenting that this Republican support for her proposal comes too late for any likely enactment by the state this year.

“Republican tardiness aside, we encourage Rick Perales to support more measures that will help veterans and the rest of the citizens of the 73rd district and across the state, including tuition free college, an end to private prisons, restoration of the local government fund for much needed infrastructure improvements, and health care for all Ohioans,” she concluded.


My opponent recently posted this statement on Twitter about “this bill” which will “accommodate our vets,” particularly “those who have paid the ultimate price to keep our country safe.” Which bill is this? I’m assuming it is House Bill HB 716?

Putting aside for the moment the whole issue surrounding just how deficient our nation often is in caring for those who have served and suffered in the cause of our country, this bill doesn’t actually have anything to do with veterans or the families who have lost members in the line of duty. Rather, it reportedly addresses the needs of current active service personnel on station at Wright-Patt and other military installations throughout Ohio. Does he not even understand the nature and purpose of his own legislation?”

It’s also unfortunate that it took a request from the Secretary of the Air Force to get this rolling, when from what my military sources have been telling me, this is a situation which been widely known by everyone in the system for years now. Why then has Mr. Perales not taken steps to address this problem during the past 6 years he has been in office? Is it really a coincidence that this is now a priority for him, only after I have made it publicly clear that this is a problem that I have committed myself to resolving when in the Statehouse?

This is why I’m running and why I’m committed to serving, because I’m tired of the needs of my fellow citizens being ignored by those in power. It’s why I’m determined to do the right thing for people because its the right thing for people. We need people in office who have the courage to stand up for what is right, not officials who only seem to jump to action when they feel their career is on the line. There are actual families living at WPAFB right NOW who need this legislation to pass. I truly hope that it does become signed into law by December. If Mr. Perales had been spending time with them, like I did, in order to understand their plight better, then perhaps he would have been able to take *their* picture to use in support of his legislation, instead of using a stock photograph of paid actors.

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