It’s Time To Provide Health Care For All

As an accountant who works in the public accounting field, I have a number of local clients where I compile their accounts on a monthly basis. When I see the massive checks they write each month to cover the health insurance premiums for their employees, I feel real frustration regarding our health care system.

Research data continues to conclusively show that the U.S. spends way more per person on health care than all other industrialized nations. This includes more than *double* what my country of birth Australia does, a nation which operates a universal health care system for all of its citizens. Research evidence also continues to demonstrate that these extra costs are doing *nothing* to improve the quality and availability of care, but are primarily being funneled into the hands of a small number of private for-profit insurance corporations and their CEO salaries. Meanwhile, America continues to lag behind in health care quality outcomes in relation to these other nations, in spite of this excessive spending.

Besides the detrimental effect this has on people’s health, there’s also the direct negative consequences upon our state and national economy. This is because these unnecessary massive expenditures made to private insurance corporations means that small businesses and the people who work for them have that much less disposable income. Which then means that the other small businesses that rely on people spending their discretionary money with them also lose out.

When I ran our small manufacturing business in Xenia, these premiums not only represented a huge increase in the cost of each employee, they were also impossible to budget for, what with the ever-increasing premiums that just kept coming. Our health care system hinders and limits our ability as small business owners to make profits and provide high quality jobs.

These premiums are not insignificant amounts. At all. Why can’t we have an efficient health care system that puts people first, instead of the profits of just a select few? They are the only ones winning from the current system, and millions upon millions continue to struggle financially and physically because of their greed.

Our Constitution calls for the government of this nation to establish Justice and promote the general Welfare. This isn’t happening. Enough is enough. It’s time for real Medicare For All health care coverage for all Ohioans, and all Americans.

For more information on current pending legislation in the Ohio Statehouse, as well as how such a program could and would work, visit Single Payer Action Network Ohio (SPAN Ohio).

And here’s more reason why the profit-motive needs to be removed from incentivizing how we provide health care….
“Wall Street Admits Curing Diseases Is Bad for Business”

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