I support a Medicare For All program that would provide healthcare to all citizens. This is not some ‘pie in the sky’ ideal, but is a common sense, fiscally responsible solution to the increasingly unsustainable rise in health care costs that the people of Ohio cannot continue to endure.

Prior to 1973, healthcare was run on a non-profit basis.  It was in that year that Richard Nixon signed the HMO act, changing healthcare in the U.S. forever.  The result has been over 40 years of rising healthcare costs, and an accelerating loss of freedom for Americans who are now increasingly tied to an employer-provided health insurance system.  This has resulted in an unacceptable and job-killing burden for small and independent businesses, as well as all-too-often inhibiting people from pursuing the potential and needs of their lives as entrepreneurs, inventors, artists, caretakers, et al.

This is a loss of freedom.  The freedom to choose a path that may not include employment in a large corporation, or a government job that can provide affordable healthcare insurance.  At the same time, we find that many of our friends and family, even though they may have maintained employment that provided them and their families with health insurance, find themselves in bankruptcy due to an illness.

This is unacceptable. Health care is a human right and an essential need, not just another consumer product we can pick and choose whether we want, and the US is the ONLY modern industrialized country in the entire world to not offer healthcare to all of its citizens.  Our country has some of the worst health care results, with the highest costs, so it’s fair to say that the current system is broken.  The only truly effective solution is to take the profit motive out of the equation, like most of the other countries in the world have.  We can do better, and we must.

SPAN Ohio  has more good information on what a single payer system would entail,  how it would work and why it is so much more cost-effective than our current system. In 2017, two bills calling for a single payer system were introduced to the floor, SB137 and HB440 that lay out the working details for a single payer system for the entire state of Ohio. 

The Medicare For All town hall, held in our nation’s Capitol building and viewed live by well over 1 million people online, also goes into great detail about why such a program would serve not simply the human needs of our citizens, but the financial needs of our state’s businesses.