I support a strong and well-funded public education system. Twenty years ago, the Ohio Supreme Court ruled that the method of school funding was unconstitutional. And yet, that problem has not yet been resolved, and we are looking at the results of that today as Ohio sits ranked at 23rd in the nation. One party rule in Ohio has led to consistent funding cuts to publics schools at all levels with accompanying expansion of state dollars going to private schools by either vouchers or online subsidies, a policy which has enriched a handful of private entities, but has made no overall improvement in educational quality. I support putting charter schools under the control of local boards of public education, since thanks to the Ohio Legislature, for-profit charter operators currently acquire public funds from the local school district without a vote of the people. This lack of accountability has made Ohio’s charter schools “a joke – literally” (Click here for PDF), misspending public (i.e. your) money almost *four times* more often than other publicly funded agencies, according to auditors (including a billion dollars being siphoned off from just one charter school scam, the GOP-promoted and politically enabled ECOT debacle, the largest financial scandal in Ohio history). Higher education can and should be made more affordable to Ohioans by reversing the decline in state support for our public colleges and universities, and by ensuring that school budgets are devoted to instruction, and not more seemingly ever-expanding administrative expenses. We cannot continually take money away from our schools, often resulting in teachers having to purchase their own supplies for the classroom, and expect to have a well-educated and productive society. Our children are our future, and they must be treated as such.