Education Professionals Endorse Kim McCarthy, A Supporter of Our Public Schools, Who Condemns Ohio’s ECOT Scam

We are pleased to report that Kim McCarthy’s campaign has been endorsed by the Ohio Federation of Teachers, the Ohio Education Association, and AFSCME-OAPSE (American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees-Ohio Association of Public School Employees). Education in Ohio is in a state of crisis right now because of irresponsible policies put in place by the Republican majority in state government.

There was little oversight of charter schools, many of which, like ECOT, were operated for profit. While ECOT was padding their enrollment figures, they also helped to fund the campaigns of legislators who spearheaded the development of these money-making charter schools in the first place.

The phony ECOT scam was allowed to fester under the “privatize everything” ideologues in Ohio’s state government. Their failure to govern properly has cost Ohio taxpayers well over half a billion dollars through this massive fraud and graft, which many sources are pointing out is the largest and costliest scandal in Ohio history. And while all of this double-dealing was happening, Ohio’s legislators failed to oversee or audit charter schools all across our state. This includes the current representative in the seventy-third state house district, who has seemingly been asleep at the wheel during this whole debacle, saying nothing to address the fraud, and doing nothing to prevent a repeat of it.

This gargantuan sum of public money is money that could have and should have gone to supporting our public education, not to the personal profit of a few. During the past six years, the following amounts were diverted from public schools in the Ohio seventy-third district to the coffers of just ECOT alone:

Beavercreek — $1,335,016

Fairborn — $ 1,587,698

Yellow Springs — $91,576

Bellbrook-Sugarcreek — $311,820

When elected, Kim McCarthy will act in the public interest, and work to end what has come to be known as a culture of corruption in state government. The malfeasance in Columbus has damaged our schools and consistently thwarted the public good on behalf of private self-serving interests. Because Kim McCarthy takes no corporate PAC money, nothing will stop her from acting in the public interest, and putting the interests of people first as her legislative priority.

Ohio’s Schools Lost Nearly $600 Million To ECOT Since 2012

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“Why did it take a generation and a half of kids to go through this crappy system for us to do something about it?” Stephen Dyer, a former Ohio state representative, asked me in exasperation in December. “The reason is because a lot of money came in.”

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