We do not take money from PACs. Our campaign is completely dependent upon your support. We believe our politics and our policies should be beholden to you the people, not to narrow special interests. Please help us help you.

And please note that Ohio residents are permitted to claim up to $50 annually as a tax credit on their state income tax return (Line 8) after contributing to a campaign for a state representative.

What a great way to invest in your state and your future! Why give that money to a legislature that will give it away to more corporate welfare, when you can use it to support a candidate who will better allocate those resources toward supporting the real needs of the people of Ohio, one who puts People First!

Online Donation

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Contribute By Mail

Please send check made payable to:

“The People With Kim McCarthy”
P.O. Box 173
Xenia, OH 45385

Individual contributions of $100 or more must also include information regarding donor’s
1) Employer
2) Occupation