Condemning The Shooting Attack On Greene County Democratic Headquarters

Kim McCarthy, candidate for the Ohio House of Representatives for the 73rd District, condemns the recent attack upon the Greene County Democratic Headquarters in Xenia this past Saturday morning, in which five bullets were fired into its office. “Luckily, nobody was hurt,” McCarthy said within the opening of her public statement yesterday on the incident. McCarthy put the attack in context in her statement, calling Donald Trump to account for his incendiary rhetoric against Democrats.

“Though we may never know for sure that this act of violence was committed because of President’s Trump continual inflammatory and divisive rhetoric against Democrats that he has been using since 2015, we cannot ignore the connection. He has explicitly framed the Democratic Party as ‘the enemy’ over and over again…Just a few days ago, he shared a video that began with the statement ‘the only good Democrat is a dead Democrat.'”

McCarthy agrees with the Greene County Democratic Party’s statement on the incident, the second attack on the headquarters in as many months, that these shootings were not simply vandalism, but an act of terrorism, in that it likely fits the literal, legal definition of the term, being an act of “politically motivated violence perpetrated against non-combatant targets.”

McCarthy also urged the Greene County Republican Party to abandon its uncritical loyalty to Mr. Trump:

“While I am pleased to see the local Greene County Republican Party has made a statement condemning this act, calling it ‘outrageous,’ they simultaneously continue to openly endorse and advocate for Trump who continues to make demonstrably outrageous statements on a regular basis, a man who regularly promotes fact-free assertions to falsely and illogically blame Democrats for practically every misfortune our country is experiencing. They stand behind Trump one hundred percent.”

McCarthy’s statement concluded with an assessment of the Republican Party’s and its elected officials’ failure to respond meaningfully to the attack:

“This type of intimidation is not acceptable, and we as Americans will not be held hostage to this type of attack. I have not seen any local Republican politician, from Mike Turner down, including my opponent, condemn this attack as yet. I encourage citizens to contact them and let them know that they need to speak out against such actions before more damage is done, and more importantly, someone is hurt, or worse. The Republican Party must show us that they do not condone violence in any form.”

Her statement, originally posted on her campaign’s Facebook page, has been shared over 100 times since its first posting Sunday morning.

(Photos by Lynn McCoy)

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