Addressing The Challenges Our Local Schools Are Facing; Fairborn, Ohio

As part of my mission to learn as much as I can about education and the school districts I am going to have jurisdiction over, I have been meeting individually with the Superintendents of these respective schools. Recently, I met with Fairborn interim Superintendent, Mr Gene Lolli, and the Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Dr. Sue Brackenhoff.

They explained the challenges that a district like Fairborn faces. We talked about how the household income of a child is the biggest indicator on how they are going to perform. With Fairborn being the lowest income district in District 73, this is a true challenge for them, and one that they approach with compassion and dedication.

They understand how the state has impacted their ability to teach children effectively, and they also know what has to be done to turn things around. Funding that fulfills the constitutional mandate for equity in fairness in our educational system is obviously the first issue that has to be addressed. Tying school funding to the value of the homes in any particular district is not only unjust, it sets our whole community up for failure. You can’t pull yourself up by your boot straps when you don’t even have the boots in the first place.

There is a very good reason why I have been endorsed by various teacher unions throughout Ohio. It’s because I am not afraid to speak the truth about the situation our state finds itself in, and of course, I am not just here to play party games. I am here to make our community stronger, period. You have to face and address the REAL issues in order to do that.

My opponent, on the other hand, who has been in office the past 6 years, which is coincidentally the same amount of time that more than $7 million dollars was stolen from our children and our local schools by the charter school scam ECOT, has not been endorsed by any teacher’s unions. Fairborn actually had the highest amount stolen out of the 4 schools in our district. The school that can LEAST afford this was hit the hardest. Unfortunately, this seems to be par for the course whenever confronting economic injustices of this nature.

I was told that Mr. Perales has never met with the Superintendent of Fairborn City Schools. Nor has he ever met with the Director of Curriculum and Education. Education is one of  state’s major responsibilities. And a State Representative owes their constituents an education system that will prepare our youngest citizens for meeting the needs and challenges of their lives ahead, as well as the needs of our society to have thoughtful, educated citizens to help meet those challenges. I would also suggest he owes the people of Fairborn, and of all of our local schools in the 73rd District, an apology for allowing the theft of their money to go on for years, even after so many red flags were being raised about the corruption at hand. Warnings which tragically went unheeded and ignored by my opponent’s party, what with the GOP holding all the reins of power. This negligence has cost Ohio’s taxpayers a BILLION dollars in losses due to just this one charter school scam, ECOT, the biggest financial scandal in Ohio history. And it happened right under Mr. Perales’ unobservant nose.

The people of District 73 deserve better. They deserve a representative who is looking out for them, for their children, and for their future. Not someone who looks the other way in order to keep in the good graces of their party. I intend to be that person for you. Vote for McCarthy on November 6 if you want to vote for your future.

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