Kim became politically engaged back in 2011 when the Occupy Wall Street movement burst onto the scene. She too recognized the powerful influence that corporations wield over our political system, and agreed that Wall Street should not have been bailed out, especially while regular people continued to suffer. She became part of Occupy Dayton, and was heavily involved in the operation and strategies of the group. She learned much about the extent of the corporate corruption in our government, and the real-world negative impacts that has on the health and well-being of so many people in our society.

She spent the next five years organizing around and advocating for a number of different issues, including standing up against Monsanto’s literally poisonous business agenda, and for the labeling of genetically-modified foods in the marketplace (much like what is already mandated in at least 64 countries worldwide).

But it was after the 2016 election, when Kim saw the local county electoral ballot devoid of any meaningful choices, what with many of elected seats going uncontested, that she began to focus more attention to things closer to home.  Kim started attending the county commission meetings, and by using her accounting background to examine the state budget, began to understand the full scope of influence the state has over the actual material conditions experienced at the county and city levels. She also discovered that the current State Representative was not meaningfully advocating for the needs of the county he was supposedly representing in the Statehouse, and that many of the local officials were feeling very frustrated over that.  She decided that Greene County deserved better, and vowed then to fight for better representation for the people who lived there.

Kim proceeded to do just that, stepping up to support the real needs of the people of her community, running a highly organized campaign in 2018 that knocked on over 15,000 doors, taking the time and making the effort to listen and talk directly with people about the real issues they are facing, and the solutions they would like to see from their representatives. She then offered up proven economic policies to address those problems. Her campaign ended up moving the electoral needle a relatively unprecedented 12 points closer to victory in just one election cycle. Kim achieved the highest vote tally for a challenger to that legislative seat in many decades, shattering fundraising records six times over in the process. And she is running again this year to continue this effort and finish off the job in support of the people of Greene County!

Kim is an accountant, and has been a long time business owner and entrepreneur. She is the proud mother of three children, and lives with them and their dog Boomer and cat Flipper, along with a hen house full of chickens and ducks, on Boomerang Farm in Sugarcreek Twp. Kim immigrated to Ohio from Brisbane, Australia back in 1994 and believes that Americans deserve the same basic quality of human rights and dignity that she grew up with there decades ago. She believes in a society that is based on justice, respect and empathy for one another, and for the environment in which we live and depend upon.


Community Work

•    Big Sister in Big Brothers Big Sisters of America

•    Human trafficking awareness work, including trip to Tijuana to visit orphanages that helped children of sex workers.

•    Chairperson – Risk Taking Mission and Service Ministry at Bellbrook United Methodist Church – implemented environmental changes, started Adopt a Highway program, served meals at St Paul’s, volunteered at Family Resource Center, helped families in need over the holidays, 2009-2011

•    Treasurer, Sugarcreek Schools PTO, 2009-2010

•    Treasurer, Occupy Dayton, 2011-2012

•    Organizer, March Against Monsanto, 2012-2017

•    Founder, Greene County Progressives, 2016-Current

•    Candidate for State Representative District 73 – 2018


  • High School – Mackillop College, Brisbane, Australia, 1985
  • Bachelor of Business – Accounting – Queensland University of Technology, 1988
  • Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia (CPA equivalent), 1992

Work Experience

  • General Manager/Owner – JCL Equipment Co Inc. 1996-2011
  • Owner/Teacher – The Reiki Room of Dayton, 2011-2017
  • Accountant – Mosier & Assoc. CPA, 2017–2019
  • Accounting Manager – IT Company, Dayton. 2019–current

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