Wright-Patterson Air Force Base is a vital component of the social and economic infrastructure that makes up District 73, as well as that of the greater Miami Valley and even beyond to the entire State of Ohio. Being a federal institution, the ability of a State Representative to impact its functioning is somewhat limited. That said, there *are* definitely areas where we can work to improve the lives of those who work there, who live there on assignment, and for the many who live outside its gates.

In 2018, our campaign was proud to be the ones to identify the on-going problem with the state’s failure to provide professional license reciprocity for our military spouses stationed at WPAFB and other military installations across the state. We met with military spouses in April and published a press release documenting our findings and recommendations. We were thrilled when my opponent introduced the exact same legislation a few months later. Unfortunately, it was too late in the assembly for it to make it through both legislative chambers. The following February, after keeping in contact with the military spouses and asking them to continue the pressure on the current Representative, I met with Mr. Perales and insisted that he pick up the bill again for re-introduction during the 133rd General Assembly. Later that year, the bill was successfully signed by Governor DeWine in an elaborate ceremony at the USAF Museum at WPAFB. I am grateful that our legislature finally brought Ohio into line with the majority of the other states across the nation, and that spouses (primarily women) will no longer be forced to give up their careers while stationed in Ohio. I am proud to have been the catalyst that started this important legislation rolling, and even prouder of the impact it will have on women’s lives for years to come. 


I believe that Wright-Patterson is only as strong as the community that surrounds it. One of the influencing factors for military investment in its bases is the civic infrastructure and quality of life provided to its personnel being stationed in these locales. It’s also what inspires many service personnel to stay on in our region after completing their tours of duty, which benefits our communities socially and economically.


The Pentagon has recognized for years now that one of the most pressing issues facing us today is climate change. Fortunately, we have a wealth of knowledge at our disposal here in Greene County to call upon to help in addressing this threat, what with having top research institutions such as Wright-Patterson, Wright State University (also in District 73), and the University of Dayton all here in close proximity to each other. We have the ability to become the next high-level research “triangle” district. The engineers, scientists and academics connected to these institutions should have their knowledge and talents directed towards coming up with solutions for fighting the impact of climate changes, as well as developing the alternative fuel sources needed to enable not our civilization to endure, but for our survival as a species. There is no other task that is more important for us to be focusing our resources to, and I know that re-aligning our research efforts towards them would deliver high-quality, high-paying jobs to WPAFB for our local talent to utilize.

Going forward, I will continue to identify issues affecting the people of WPAFB, whether they work there, work for the supporting businesses, or live in the cities surrounding it, to ensure that conditions are favorable for economic and societal success. For when we all succeed, we all succeed. 

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