Right now the internet as we know it and our open access to it, the very infrastructure that supports our main method of information and communication in the 21st Century, is under serious threat. I support an open internet with the proper regulations necessary to protect each person’s ability to access the entire internet. The internet should be treated as a public utility, just like access to power and telephone. The Covid-19 pandemic crisis has only brought this need even more clearly to the fore, as so many essential aspects of our daily working and civic lives have become thoroughly dependent upon access to reliable internet.

I also support the right of communities to develop their own local internet and communication services if they so choose (as chronicled by organizations like Community Networks – I am against state legislatures passing laws that preempt our local municipalities from exercising their rights over their own infrastructures, and to self-govern themselves in regards to these affairs. I am also in support of adding Ohio to the growing list of well over two dozen states who have already proposed, and some passed, state legislation restoring net neutrality rules which are vital for protecting citizen’s access to the internet, access to which without these rules can be blocked or restricted by these ISPs.

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The People With Kim McCarthy