Citizens should choose who they want to represent them, rather than representatives choosing which citizens they want to represent. This is why I’ve been an active supporter of non-partisan redistricting initiatives, such as those by Fair Districts Ohio which work to eliminate political party control over our elections.

Also, when our electoral systems have come under attack from parties wanting to suppress the vote in certain demographics, we need to ensure all people’s right to vote. I support laws that make it easier for Ohioans to vote, such as automatic voter registration, and I reject the propaganda that suggests that voter fraud is rampant in our elections.  And now, in the midst of a pandemic and the dangerous health risks that poses, providing for effective absentee/voting by mail processes for as many people as possible has become of vital importance. This should include being able to request an absentee ballot online, as well as accessible and secure drop off locations for ballots when cast. Voting by mail has worked extremely well for decades in the states that have implemented these processes, and Ohio and other states should be allowed and able to do so, as well.

I also support making sure all of our votes are fully counted and tabulated accurately, which is why I am an advocate for strong election protection measures regarding our voting systems. Unfortunately, the research and evidence regarding the vulnerabilities of our current e-voting systems is too persuasive for us to not take this issue seriously, and we need to put more attention and effort (which too many states are not doing) into making sure our elections are run securely from *any* form of interference or manipulation.

I’m also a supporter of ranked choice voting, a process which provides for a more fair and reflective representation of the voter’s will, and as a way of preventing voters from all-too-often feeling like they are constantly trapped in a conundrum of  ‘the lesser of two evils’ voting.

And money is not speech. Our elections should not be auctions, and public financing of campaigns for public office should be part of a comprehensive overhaul of our campaign financing system.


I will not accept corporate PAC money. One of the reasons I am running is because control by lobbying groups of the legislative agenda in our state government is out of control, so it follows that I will not accept any corporate donations in exchange for favors in the future. My campaign relies on small, individual donors who know that, when elected, I will be supporting policies that aim to create greater prosperity for the hard-working families of our county and state.

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